Favorite Albums of 2017

The best music of 2017.


Greatest Hip Hop Producer of All Time


Best Albums of 2016

Listen to some of the best music 2016 offered us.


Jaden Smith- Fallen Music Video


Lil Yachty Sits Down With Ebro Once Again


The View From Here Photo Series


New Elzhi Music Video- "She Sucks"


Common's Black America Again Short Film


Illest show you gonna find on TV right now.


Mind = Blown


Issa Rae Don't Like Yo' Black Ass

Issa Rae's new show Insecure is out, and she's saying a lot...


Luke Cage Is Not The Black Lives Matter Superhero

Not even close.... Stop that.


Kanye West "Famous" (Music Video)

The greatest music video of all time?


VIDEO - Earl Sweatshirt X Samiyam - Mirror

Earl teams up with Detroit producer Samiyam for an introspective summer slapper.


The Draymond Green Conspiracy!

Did the NBA intentionally suspend Green to force Game 7?


Kobe Surpasses MJ as G.O.A.T?

We've never seen a player like The Mamba...


The Life Of Pablo

Why Kanye Is The Greatest Ad Agent Of All Time


Why I'm Not Voting For Bernie Sanders

And Instead Preparing For War


MOVIE REVIEW- Spike Lee's Chiraq

Have We Lost Our Imagination?


My new track off my upcoming EP "Jimmy J. Kansas"


Get To Know H.I.M Episode 3- "Art Is Art"

In the 3rd of installment of the Get To Know H.I.M web series, we explore the idea of art being an expression which manifests itself in an infinite number of ways.



A glimpse of the inspirations of destruction and a man's quest to overcome them.


New Kendrick Lamar Short Film

In the latest video installment from the TDE’s franchise player, Kendrick Lamar, comes a surreal 7-minute short film about pain, loss, and the Black Exodus.


LA Rams: One Of The Greatest Comeback Stories Ever

Recently published in the Inglewood Today Newspaper, I covered the NFL's return to LA in Inglewood Ca.


Get To Know H.I.M Episode 2 - "Wealth Of Knowledge"

H.I.M takes us downtown as we explore the idea of knowledge and its relationship to wealth in the second installment of the exciting new web series "Get To Know H.I.M"


9th Wonder Bodies Rhythm Roulette

North Carolina super producer 9th Wonder takes the Rhythm Roulette challenge, see how he does.


New Web Series- "Get To Know H.I.M"

Follow H.I.M as he gives you a brief look into his life and the journey of becoming a musician.


Heaters and Blankets

Tommy Bunnz illustrates his beat making creative process after accepting the beat challenge from Mike Towns.


Best Enemy

He's creative, family driven, and thirsty for success. Nothing stands in his way but himself.



A young poet reflects on life and society as he tries to write a rhyme.


Street Writer is the latest mixtape from Tommy Bunnz Executive Producer: Mike Towns of Mike Towns Sounds


What Love Tastes Like

A day in the life with a beautiful soul.


Favorite Albums of 2017

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Last year, around this time, we were in the infant stages of a Trump run America, and were in awe of just how music was a saving grace to a…

A Conversation with Darren Aronofsky and Alejandro Jodorowsky

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Two of the greatest filmmakers of our time, in one room.
Art Is Art

Art Is Art

Wealth Of Knowledge

Wealth Of Knowledge

Nothing New Under The Sun

Nothing New Under The Sun

Heaters and Blankets

Heaters and Blankets

1. Over-Extended

1. Over-Extended

2. La Familia

2. La Familia

What Love Tastes Like

What Love Tastes Like