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By: Attum Reyes PhD. | Professor Emeritus -University of The Sacred Scroll | Resident Scholar at, The Scribes of Tehuti 

Anybody and everybody who knows me, knows that when it comes to Hip Hop, without question, J-Dilla is the greatest Hip Hop Producer of All-Time fuck all opinion. He’s the Albert Einstein of Hip Hop production as an art form from his sampling and blending techniques to his drum programming that rivaled a live drummer in groove.

Never met the god, but as you’ve read I’ve always felt a strong kinship to his music like millions of other Jay Dee fans around the world. I’m not a fan of very many people in all honesty, but Jay Dee is someone I can say I’m a fan of. I grew up listening to Beats Rhymes and Life by Tribe The Pharcyde, Busta, all around boom bap, and it interestingly enough never recognized the mind behind the beats that I tried to recreate beatboxing at everywhere I went, from school to the bus ride home.

Dilla inhabits a rare fraternity of producers who’s musical presence on the track outperforms the performer. Dilla’s beats can beat you up, if you not nice. To this day, I believe the hardest emcee to spit over a Dilla beat is Busta rhymes, followed in very close second by Elzhi, who I wouldn’t argue as 1B. “Still Shining” off The Shining is one of, if not the hardest Busta Verse you’ll ever hear, and that’s mostly because Dilla’s production is so ill, so complex, yet still in pocket, that it can make you not even wanna spit on it, and instead just have it on repeat for a week.

Busta talks about his writing process to that joint right here in the video below. To me, Busta is a Top-5 emcee on my All-Time list which I’ll be puttin’ out real soon.

Busta Rhymes On J-Dilla

Yestrday was Dilla’s Birthday, and I wasn’t online, but today I stumbled across an old Dilla joint from his 2015 posthumous project, “Dillatronic”, and Track 9 is the one that just made the world slow down. I was thinkin’ bout killin’ these 2 MF last night. It takes a extreme circumstances to raise my internal temperature and I just about graduated to that degree last night. This MF told me he didn’t know who Dilla was. So, instead of killing him and riding up to Palos Verdes with his wife, I just took his wife to Palos Verdes for ice cream and peach cobbler.


Dilla was the older brother giving you advice without ever telling you to your face. Living on the cusp of the internet revolution, coming across a Dilla tape in California was rare, even in the last days of MySpace, gettin’ music content, let alone Dilla beats was just beginning to really bubble. It wasn’t until 2006 when I was kickin’ it wit Mike Towns and he was playin a Dilla beat CD he’d got from a cat at LARS, did I finally put name to vibe, and ultimately learning that the brother had passed at only 31.

Dillatronic 09 made me imagine someone running through the hospital in slow motion and he gets into the room right as his loved one slips into the next life. Yet somehow left a library of material that can be likened to the masterful contributions of Plato and or a Socrates.

They say the Lord works in mysterious ways, I say She works in cycles. That night, everything came full circle, like a born day, or a  day when you level up like Goku and get closer to that final form.

Dilla’s legacy continues to level up well into his 1st decade of being among the ancestors. That’s a reflection of his brilliance, and his dedication to the music.

Peace to the god!

Dillatronic 09


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