Mick Jenkins Is Better Than You!


In Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing companion book, he talks about how he likes to write his films that are cyclical. I’ve been a fan of Spike for years, and not only until recently did I begin reading the companion books to the films. I never knew that they even existed to be honest.

Nonetheless, I connect with the idea of cyclicity in life in general, we’re all on a routine, or a pattern to a degree, and at any given moment patterns can overlap and offer insight into the answers we’re looking for when searching for answers.

Now, on to the topic of this post.

Probably the funniest shit I ever heard on a album was off Elzhi’s The Preface when Hex Murda jumps on the track after Guessing Game goes off and give a public service announcement in the middle of the man’s album to tell you, the listener, that no matter what you say in life, Elzhi is better than you. Then the niggas reverb the shit out of it, so it just echoes into infinity wit sun saying, “He’s better than you.” Hilarious.


They say you gotta have a body of work to be legend, but if Biggie can be considered a Top 5 great in most people’s lists with only 2 albums, then Mick qualifies because he’s got 6 if you count his earliest work.. An artist’s body of work is reflective of the amount of dedication you’ve labored¬†to the craft, but music is about the capturing of that moment in time, when you are where you are. And its even more magical when you can freestyle off the top and capture the energy of the moment and not fall off even when it feels like you have and when the music comes in a different package.

That’s exactly what Mick Did on his last interview on Sway’s Universe with Sway in the Morning. King Los, Lil Dicky, and Cyhi The Prince hd some of the most remarkable appearances I’ve seen on the show, and this eclipses even those performances and its BECAUSE HE HAD THE ANSWERS SWAY!!!

I haven’t seen anybody spit like this in a long time. The thoughtfulness and intricacy of the bar work is elite so say the least. A body of work is only the physical, but even that’s directed by the “indwelling intelligence”, as Brother Ra Un Nefer Amen alludes to it. You either know how to use it , or you don’t.

Peace to Mick Jenkins, dude is an incredibly talented MC. He dropped a new album a couple weeks ago thats on the 532Hz. The album is titled “The Healing Component,” its available here.”