Peace Offering Vol.1

So I’ve decided go curate a series of digital contentfor folks looking for interesting stories and music off the beaten path, out of the traditional loop of the mainstream algorithms, ans that series is called Peace Offerings.  

The series is light, its fun, it takes you on an interesting journey through various parts of the world, and sheds light on subjects that we all care about. 

This week I wanted to share a few items with you all that came through my feed that added value to my week in some way shape or form. 

First up is an incredible analysis of the music industry’s resurgence as a profitable economy.  Analysts from Goldman Sachs follow the impact streaming is having on the gloval music landscape and predicts a $250 Billion industry in the distant future as ad revenue, mergers and acquisitions take place, and bundle services emere. 

I was taken back a bit by how naive the experts are in terms of artists colelctively deciding that they’d enjoy more of the profit share by investing in their own personal streaming services and monitizing their talents via a type of micro subscription model. I believe in artist over platform and understand the tech has liberated the artist in a way, and should be respected, however, artists drive activity to the service as well ans should either be equal cooperative partners or should take the lion’s share of the revenue. Businessmen see it otherwise aparently.

Nonetheless, great listen, the podcast called Exhanges- By Goldman Sachs listen below on Stitcher. 

Next on the list is a song that I feel in love with, its called “Pain” by Rapsody of JAMLA Records via Roc Nation. I’d put Rapsody up against any rapper today. 

Rapsody-The Pain

Not one of my favorite joints off Hov’s 4:44, but “Bam” definitely a dope nod to the classic Reggae cut “Bam Bam” by Sister Nancy. 

The video takes us to Jamaica where Hov is hanging out with Damien Marley chopping it up about Jamaican culture and how Reggae is a cornerstone of Hip Hop music. Check that out below. 

Jay Z Bam video

Lastly, I think this episode of NPR’s Planet Money was provably my favorite piece if content this week as it explored the obliteration ofnthe bail bonds industry in New Jersey as lawmakers have decided that big data will now determine a person’s risk rating when assessing if the defendent is eligible for free bail. Someone will do a documentary on this very soon and its goong to be dope to see how this impacts the country as more pressure is put on lawmakers to push the new reform. Listen below. 

New Jersey Bail Bonds

Enjoy this weeks Peace Offerings, if you enjoy, share the wealtg with everybody else. Til next week.