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Favorite Albums of 2017

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Last year, around this time, we were in the infant stages of a Trump run America, and were in awe of just how music was a saving grace to a…

A Conversation with Darren Aronofsky and Alejandro Jodorowsky

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Two of the greatest filmmakers of our time, in one room.

Peace Offering Vol.1

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Weekly digital content series curated by yours truly.

The Greatest Hip Hop Producer of All Time

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2777 Recrudescence Period {READ Log...{] { \==-=--=)9)( JOURNAL ENTRY = FEB. 8, 2017) ...... ............ .................. (100%) By: Attum Reyes PhD. | Professor Emeritus -University of The Sacred Scroll |…

Everything Is Beautiful In 2016- Favorite Albums of The Year

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It's seemingly unanimous that 2016 was a terrible year in America, mostly because of Trump surprising the world and upsetting Hilary Clinton to take the succeed President Barack Obama in…

New Jaden Smith Music Video – Fallen

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Jaden Smith just dropped a dope visual for the release of his next project title coming soon. I'm all for the Young Smiths with their earth consciousness, humanitarian spirits and just their…

The View From Here Photo Series

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I ran across a dope photography series titled "The View From Here" and it features 27 photographers from around the world who were tasked with taking two photographs through a…
Huey knew


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The word play on knew is cold. Peace to the god Ab Soul.