The Life Of Pablo- 5 Reasons Why Kanye West Is The Greatest Ad Agent Of All Time

By February 14, 2016Articles and Opinions

The Life Of Pablo

Yeezy season returned with a shit storm of events that managed to penetrate through the dense noise of the 2016 election, the Oscars controversy, the Zika virus outbreak, and All-Star Weekend. I can tell you a million reasons why that is, but it all boils down to how incredibly talented Kanye West is at marketing. Here’s 5 reason why Kanye West is one of the greatest Ad Agents of All Time.

1. He Understands That He’s Timeless

It aint hard to tell that Kanye is connected to the current sounds coming from artists all over the world, while still connecting with the spirits of the artists of late. On The Life Of Pablo, we’re reintroduced to this Kanye, in a way that’s more advanced than previous albums. His summoning of Nina Simone and use of under rated emcees like Chance The Rapper expressions of that understanding. Most artists this deep in their careers hold on to what works for them. Kanye has evolved after every album, therefore no album sounds anything alike really except College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation, but in actuality, that was trilogy so it was truly one very long album. You can actually listen to it in sequence and connect each one to each other thematically and sonically. 

Him considering himself a God emcee, on a metaphysical level taps into a perspective that supersedes the idea of time altogether connecting to the very essence of everything. Hence the first song on the album being called Ultralight Beam. He is everything. Knowing that, allows for him to properly evaluate how to present products to the marketplace be it shoes, music, or clothes, in any medium. 

2. He Has A Huge Imagination

Sun knows that he’s only an idea. 99% of the people who listen and are impacted by this man’s music know absolutely nothing about who he truly is as a person, other than the things he tells us about himself. Therefore, Yeezy is an idea. And the idea of Yeezy, is that he’s going to be the person to create some of the most amazing products in the history of mankind, and fight anybody who tries to stop him. 

He’s gonna pair cultures and ideas from around the world, and from different points throughout history, and based on their relationship to each other, design products that explore those ideas. Sometimes they win, and sometimes they tank, but most of the time, when it tanks, its because we just weren’t fast enough to keep up with his mind. 360º Vision, a technology that creates an almost fully immersive experience, is something that Kanye coins he invented out of a need to take his shows to the next level, as a increasing ticket sales and public image as the greatest rock star of all time. 

3. He’s Really A Nerd, and This Is The Age Of The Nerd

Admit it, which of your friends talk about Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein? The ones that you voted, most likely to succeed for yearbook. Most of our friends weren’t even nominated for anything for yearbook. 

Kanye is a geek, he got A’s and B’s in high school, his mom was an educator, he grew up in the suburbs, which offers a lifestyle where contemplation is encouraged. He’s into any and everything that can be inspirational, that has a significance to history, that was made by someone who was considered a master of their craft, an artist, a dreamer, someone who made things from the same source of ideas he does. He’s inspired an entire generation of geeks who don’t need to be excessively aggressive to stand on their square. 

Art School kid, can draw, write, make music, produce music, has a strong taste for fashion, can play basketball, can probably pop you in 2K or Madden. We all know somebody that’s just dope at so many things. I can name a handful of homies that have that ability. And they all weirdos. 

4. He’s Made More Generated Over A Billion Dollars In Revenue

You add up all the money Kanye has made for Nike, Adidas, Vivendi, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Jordan, Ralph Lauren, Roca Wear, Celine, and Gucci to name a few, and sure you’ll find the profits well into the Billions. Most of that coming from music sales, licensing, and placements, but he also contributed, so he says, to the resurgence of the retro Jordan phenomenon. If so, Jordan made at least 100 million on shoe sales last year.

5. He’s Mastered The Art Of Making His Art And The Real World Blend Seamlessly

When you’re one of the most famous people in the world, everything you do, is documented for all time. That type of pressure, as my brother KD likes to put it, can bust pipes. It can also produce diamonds. Kanye knows that he’s being watched so he began using the free publicity as a platform to promote his ideas. From beating up paparazzi to make statements about humanity, to dressing up his wife in clothes he thought were dope, so that he can test his fashion taste on the world, to ranting on stage about being Steve Jobs and Michelangelo to spark conversations about one’s commitment to excellence, his personal encounters in the “real world” over time have become more and more of a transmedia commercial for his next big move than random acts that just so happen around the time he’s releasing music. 

His twitter beef with Wiz Khalifa over the usage of the phrase #WAVES to featuring Max B on his record feels way too thought out. Even if not thought out, incredibly brave, visionary and timely. To make the space and times to make that happen in such a short period of time means that he was working on the album damn near up until the moment he released it. Which is why it feels so out there, yet right now. It reminds me of Aaron Sorkin’s the News Room in how it damn near caught up to real life as the stories progressed through time through scandals and world events. Kanye is on a path to close that gap between the past and the present. 


This is the most sonically pleasing album I’ve heard from Kanye since MBDTF. Whatever space the brother is in, I fucks with it, except Fade, he made that for Caitlyn, I can tell. But I respect it, he showed love to a lot of people on this record. He showed loved for his family, his friends, he addressed his enemies, and on last night’s Saturday Night Live performance, he even rocked a Rest In Peace Robert Kardashian T-Shirt.

He gave a lot on this record.

You can have the deepest pockets in the industry, but it doesn’t guarantee success. Its still all about the product you put out for people to use. Kanye is studying the best of everything, and in doing so, he’s sampling from everywhere, and in return generating huge returns for those same people that he celebrates in his music. I’ve said it time and time and again, I believe that rappers should truly study the commercial advertising industry in a serious way. There are no better suited individuals on the planet who can deal with metaphors the way rappers do on a consistent basis.

That’s all this everything is, is metaphor, a clash of unrelated ideas.

Its going to be interesting seeing the impact the album is going to have, or if it will even make a splash to get people talking. The album is further left field than Yeezus, yet still in the spirit of College Dropout. Here’s what some folks who’ve heard the album had to say: