The Second American Revolution


T he America Revolution of 1765 reportedly lasted 18 years, resulting in the founding of the land we now call the United States of America. More than 250 years later, and we find ourselves ironically in the same position.

How So?

Lets first look at the idea of expansion. Our desire for access to exotic seasonal foods year round, technology that simplifies our life, and the power to prolong life expectancies granting humanity the highest levels of security we’ve ever seen, have been the driving forces behind the major phases of human civilization.

As it stands, according to what we are told about ourselves, America is the most powerful nation on Earth, the 9th richest country on Earth, and probably the most slavery obsessed nation of them all. Our massively privatized efforts to legalize free labor through the subsidization of the prison industrial complex, our fetish for artificially intelligent robots, genetically engineering food, ultimately conquering death and the infinitude of the cosmos, is just as psychotic and maniacal as it sounds. The worst of it all is, we’ve grown so used to this culture that many Americans have learned to accept it, and even adopt it as part of their own personal brand of patriotism.

Not all US inhabitants share that sentiment however.

As we manufacture new cool gadgets and make more babies, we inevitably, leave more shit behind. Literally! Try living in a house after the septic tank bursts, and you’ll appreciate this modern innovation, that addresses a fundamental issue of population growth, what to do with all of our shit?

Expansion however, is the very cause of the demand for a sewer system. I’d argue that if the population of the planet, doesn’t experience the growth rate its experiencing due to over production, excessive consumption, and truly addictive, psychopathic behaviors, we’d still be living in the stone age of technology. We’d still be on the brink of death’s door, and we’d still be trying our hardest to keep it from happening.

Expansion manifests in many forms. Expansion is a catalyst for the latest humanitarian crisis, climate change. In fact, this nation is the byproduct of European colonialism and it’s undying appetite for more and more of a grip on the world.


World-renowned schizophrenic philosopher Tyler Durden once said, “Stop trying to control everything and just let go.”


United We’re Not, Divided We Are

To be so Patriotic, we’re not very Patriotic.  Close to half of America believes in an America that would result in less tolerance on immigration, even though they themselves, their ancestors, and America as we know it, is a nation of immigrants, criminal ones at that.

In California, more than half of Americans supported the vision to not only uphold the death penalty, in fact, they believe it should be expedited. In this America, close to half of Americans believe that police officers deserve autonomy over the livelihoods of its subjects of inquiry, both prejudice and credulous, and act with impunity in matters of life and death, despite the fact that a life and death situation for an officer, is a life and death situation for a citizen as well.

Do both human beings have a right to self-sustainability at these moments? The other half of Americans believes so.

For thousands of years, the minds of our ancestors have played with the idea of societal division and societal unity. In fact, Aesop, who probably stole the quote from his East African mentor over in Kemet, is credited with coining the phrase, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” which throughout time, from being spread like a virus, found itself in the DNA of the land we now inhabit.

With both Clinton and Trump amassing 60 million votes, despite Hillary slightly winning the popular vote, its quite evident, that this “great nation” has drawn a line right down the middle of itself, and they both have pitchforks and torches in their hands, and both believe they are the future of this great land called America.


Cracks In The Boat

We’ve seen what happens when racist Southern white men feel infringed upon, just take your pick throughout American History, or look at the Bundy family from earlier in the year, who seized a federal wildlife refuge with military grade weapons, and a life and death mentality, and were acquitted for it.  These are instances that spark great arguments on social media, but in actuality, are reflective of an America that even after the honeymoon phases of this “new era” colonialism, the factions in the unions foundation are beginning to buckle.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states in its very first article, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” Yet, we all know if these men were anything other than white, the situation would have most likely ended up with a lot of blood to clean up, and families to call.

Studies show that the founding fathers of America were in fact quite progressive in their ideologies about the concept of political parties, despite their participation in human genocide disguised in “the pursuit of happiness.” It showed that, “The founding generation distrusted political parties in and of themselves, and viewed their emergence as a dangerous threat to the survival of the new national government.”

How interesting? One can only assume the founding fathers would be pleased with the idea that America is the supreme national power on the globe today. One can also only assume, that southern white racists are the only groups of people who can get angry and wanna tear shit up.

When those inalienable rights are infringed upon, for long enough, rebellions occur.

What makes America so different to think that its not possible, let alone not already happening?


The Browning Of America

America by the year 2043 will be a predominately minority nation. According to the reports, “The government also projects that in five years, minorities will make up more than half of children under 18. Not long after, the total U.S. white population will begin an inexorable decline in absolute numbers, due to aging baby boomers.”

That means  a woman, Latino or Latina president, an Asian president, a president who’s LGBTQ, and or maybe another American Revolution as numerous books softly allude to, are seemingly inevitable.

In the book “Containing (un)American Bodies: Race, Sexuality, and Post-9/11 Constructions” the authors explore nationalist feelings toward the reality of a “Browning of America.” In the book it says, “Since 9/11 and the start of the War On Terror, the earlier positive response to the browning of America has transformed into a strong rejection of those perceived to be un-American.”

In an article written for the Claremont Institute, author Chris Caldwell wrote “Ethnic diversity implies cultural diversity—if it did not, ethnic diversity would soon disappear. Cultural diversity means division, division means weakness, and weakness means, eventually, unfreedom. In days when people spoke more freely about such matters, dramatic change in the dominant population of the world’s dominant power would have been occasion for speculation and worry.”

At least that’s how the elder statesmen would have looked at it. Nobody thinks like that today right? By the numbers of this last election alone, that’s how most Americans feel today, hence the strong resistance toward immigration, a desire to lock more minorities in jail, and disenfranchisement of the working class.

Are these fears of being karmically rewarded for the treachery of slavery? Or can this be a deep rooted fear of being raped and pillaged by so called illegal indigenous peoples? Or is it a fear of Muslim Terrorists? Wherever the core of this fear lies, has begun to bilge through the pours of the American right wing, lead by the tune of its savior and last great white American hope, President Donald John Trump.

The American Revolution has been ongoing in phases since the dawn of July 4th 1776 due to the fact that America was always about the advancement of private interests. According to the Smithsonian, which was the first to focus on America’s business history, argues that, “Commerce was, from earliest times, bound up with ideas of democracy and individual rights.”

With the expansion of Black, Hispanic and Asian communities, those American ideals of individualism begin to maturate in the consciousness of generations who in turn develop their own private interests, which not only clash with competing ethnic groups, but with the weakening majority White population as well creating xenophobic, and intensified racial climates similar to what we’re seeing in Europe as millions of displaced Syrians arrive at its doors seeking refuge.


The Climax

As an optimist, I can look to a bright side, that the Browning of America will level the playing field, establish a new status quo, and reflect a diverse multicultural democracy where justice is more equally distributed.

The realist in me recognizes as I said before, that as ethnic groups adopt their own personal versions of American patriotism, engage in economic policymaking, foreign policymaking, business and technology innovations, its hard to avoid the possibility that these factions of private interest will in turn marginalize even further, the working classes of citizens, widening the gap between the “haves” and “have-nots.”

The marginalization, economic oppression, and lack of political representation of America’s working class and minorities is cultivating a climate similar to the 1750’s and 60’s when American colonizers believed there should be “no taxation, without representation”, which ultimately lead to the war with Britain that gave birth to America in the first place.

As Mr. Trump begins to implement his first 100 days plan, revealing an onslaught of policies that will further tighten the squeeze on immigration, grow the prison industrial complex, ramp up production of carbon emissions, and target Black and Brown communities reminiscent to the War on Drugs, American history looks to be repeating itself, and this time around, there are 50 states, and over 300 million lives at stake. Is America on trial for its past transgressions?  Can it live up to its international representation of being a model global citizen? Or is this as our beloved brother Minister Malcolm X would say, “chickens coming home to roust.”

If its the latter, here’s a place we can start. Presidential Candidate Jill Stein is an absolute supporter of this as well. See for yourself.


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