I ran across a dope photography series titled “The View From Here” and it features 27 photographers from around the world who were tasked with taking two photographs through a window in their homes and describe the feeling it gives them. What follows is pretty incredible as you are literally transported throughout the world to see it from what Common referred to as the “mental window” on the intro of Like Water For Chocolate.

I noticed some of my favorites from the series were the photographs that contained natural landscapes and beautiful sunsets in the background. Those were typically the scenes where the photographers truly felt the happiest. The series takes us through some rough patches of the world as well, and surprisingly, but understandably, many of the photographers still felt right at home, and wouldn’t trade their circumstances in for the world.

Its interesting to think of the patterns we all experience on a day to day. The changing of seasons, the busyness of the roads our homes face, the singing of birds, for some of us, the rumble of trains, the roar of airplanes, the crashing of waves, the trickle of water, the cry of a newborn baby, the smell of your neighbors coffee and cigarette, the smell of the blossoming flowers, all make for a pattern of life that shapes our world view.

This series grew my respect for life, and the multitude of experiences and expressions of life that all deserve their rightful place.

Here are some of my favorites from the series curated by Somfy Systems or the Mechanical Tooling Company of Faucigny, France.



The view from Cochabamba, Bolivia

The view from Kolkata, India


To see more from this incredible photo series, click here.

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